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Early Baroque /Baroque / Rococo concerts:


 Artistocrats Ensemble with

Adela Milan,  Mariza Anastasiades, Marios Andreou

Marquise Ensemble


Rosella Ensemble

Handel-Mozart arias, duets  Budapest Chamber Opera Foundation

Felszeghy Judit, Mariza Anastasiades, Marios Andreou  

Coffee cantata   Budapest Chamber Opera Foundation

Fireworks suit   Savaria Baroque Orchestra 

"Tous les matins du monde" - impression play   Andrejszki Judit, Szabó Zsolt 

Early Music Masterclasses final concerts

Excanto Ensemble

Wiener Classical / Romantic concerts:

17. Danube Conducting Masterclass gala concert Danube Symphony Orchestra

Masterclass matinee concert Danube Symphony Orchestra

Mozart ensembles and overtures

Danube Symphony Orchestra - Serbian coservatoire ensemble

Italian Romantic  Danube string orchestra

La Contessa string quartet    

La Contessa string quartet

Four sesons concert

Three in one in a Saloon  Najda Nevolovitsch, Szilasi Alex, Kállay Ágnes

Harph concert

Harph concert

Piano concert / Chopin, Debussy     Kiss Petra

Piano concert/ Schubert, Liszt    Andor Krisztián

Choirweek concerts

Violin masterclass final concert

"Majális" - impression play

XX century / contemporary concerts

Rigócsőr király - fairytail play  

Ventoscala orchestra/Dobszay-Meskó Ilona

The past and future of saloon music  

Gelléri András chamber orchestra

Piano concert   Gelléri András

Anime concert

Recorder quartet

Contrabassclarinet solo concert 

Rosella Ensemble

Artistocrats Ensemble

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